Delaware Snake Removal

Snake Removal

Poisonous and non-poisonous snakes are found throughout all of the United States. Snakes usually live underground, while other species live in trees or water bodies. Generally, snakes like cool, dark, and damp places where they can easily hide.  If you are currently experience these signs and require snake removal in Middletown please give us a call at (302) 378-7797.


mice infestation Delaware

Mice Infestation

Mice are considered one of the most troublesome pests in the U.S. House mice can live in different conditions around homes and business farms. They consume food grains, and food prepared for humans or pets. House mice also contaminate kitchen tables and cabinets with their feces which may cause diseases. Structures and properties are damaged because of their constant gnawing.

Bat removal in Delaware

Bat Problems?

The place where bats usually live is called “roost”. They roost in different places, such as, trees, large caves, bridges, barns or abandoned houses at different times of the year. In the United States, bats are always beneficial in many ways. Most of them feed on insects that damage field crops. Bats can consume up to half their body weight in a single night’s feeding.


Groundhog removal in Delaware

Groundhogs Issues?

Groundhogs are one of the major mammals of the world with massive whole digging ability. On average one groundhog digs four or five dens in the territory. They excavate almost 700 pounds of dirt from one den only. So, we can get a clear idea how much damage it can cost. It doesn’t end there. Red fox, skunk, etc. animals take shelter in dens which groundhog digs. So, we might expect some unexpected company. It is a big problem in some of the largest countries of the world. If you have 4-5 groundhogs in one place, you can imagine the destruction/damage they can do.

How to identify problems Groundhogs caused

Groundhogs live on garden/field crops. So, it can damage a lot in these areas. It hibernates from November to February. The dens they dig causes problems in lots of ways. Horses can stumble on these and cause significant damage. And running around the field can cause harm to the machines used in the fields. Even people can fumble on the burrows and trip. But this won’t cause serious injury. But they are very fast in digging, and small children can fall and get hurt. When you see so many big holes, you can be sure that there are groundhogs in the territory.  We are here to help resolve your groundhog removal needs in Middletown.  Please give us a call at (302)378-7797.

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